Giving a voice to the poor

Pushing changes beyond one's own life: The Romero Foundation steadily advocates for decent living conditions and more justice in Central America.

The Christian Initiative Romero (CIR) wants to secure their partners in Central America a permanent and calculable financial support. Precisely those projects that start to alter structures have to work continuously over years. That is why in 2002 the Romero Foundation was established. According to the statutes of the foundation, their proceeds are for the disposal of project and campaign work of the CIR.

Due to their guarantee of stability foundations are especially suitable for a continuous and long-lasting funding as their proceeds – for example the interests – can be used year after year. The endowment funds are locked-up and may not be disbursed.

Sustainability, longevity, predictability

The Romero Foundation currently has endowment funds of 766,000 Euro. The founders want to put the work of the Christian Initiative Romero on a permanent financial base. One of the founders, Dr. Michael Brüssermann, expresses it the following way: “In the centre of the work of CIR are the people who have been deprived of a decent life and of basic rights (that are natural to us) by global injustice and many times corrupt elites on site. The Christian Initiative Romero gives those excluded means to step up for their rights and to alter structures. This work needs time and has to be of continuity. With the Romero Foundation a substantial tool to make that possible has been created.”

The Romero Foundation hopes for more external donations to be able to fund important projects and campaigns independently of public funds and contributions that are often incalculable. The minimum amount of an external donation is 2,500 Euro.

Leaving traces – shaping the future

Foundations are also attractive because of fiscal reasons: They are free from corporation, inheritance and gift taxes. Therefore, the founded means are transmitted directly and without any discounts to the charitable foundation. Every year, 20 percent of the proceeds can be funded (or donated) and this can be claimed for tax reduction. Furthermore, up to 1 Million Euro can be placed on the capital reserve within ten years and may be claimed for tax reduction.

Foundations provide the possibility to push changes beyond one's own life and to keep important processes running. The Romero Foundation continuously steps up for decent living conditions and a high level of justice in Central America. What is more, it supports campaigns which are building bridges to Europe and Germany and name the responsible persons for deficiencies and calls on them.

If you are interested in the Romero Foundation, request the information leaflet or the detailed booklet about the Foundation from the Christian Initiative Romero. Both materials can also be downloaded from this page. We are also willing to personally answer any of your questions concerning the Romero Foundation. Your contact person is Maik Pflaum in the office in Nuremberg (Telephone: +49 911 2 14 23 45).


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