Christliche Initiative Romero e.V. (CIR)

The Christliche Initiative Romero (Christian Initiative Romero - CIR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poor and to act as a link between different worlds.   

It has a strong interest in the social and political development in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras and actively supports people and organizations in Central America trying to build a fair and sustainable society. Our aim is to build bridges between Central America and Europe by demonstrating solidarity in the south and raising awareness for southern problems in the western countries.

We are constantly in touch with our partnership organizations in Central America and support their projects. Here in Germany our focus is on informing the public about Central American issues.

The struggle for human rights fought by Central American grassroots organizations can only be successful, if change happens here in the economic centres in the western hemisphere.

This is why educating the European public is our second focal point. The CIR intervenes in debates related to development policy and initiates campaigns for better working conditions in global factories, debt relief or for fair trade.

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