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Ethical Consumption

Network I shop fair for ethical consumption

Ethical consumption is part of a sustainable lifestyle. Ethical consumers are aware of the different social and ecological impacts of goods and their production. These social and ecological impacts play an important role in their purchasing decision. Therefore, Ethical Consumption means to consciously prefer goods and services that are socially and ecologically sustainable.

The concept of Ethical Consumption goes beyond the conscious buying decision and does not only take place in shops or supermarkets. Ethical Consumption means to take responsibility and actively demand a company's compliance in maintaining certain social and ecological standards. This can be achieved by various methods – e.g. activities by network groups or Urgent Actions and etc. As a consequence, consumers become the drivers for change – the image of the end-consumer as a passivist is a thing of the past.

Ethical Consumption therefore means to take responsibility and to make an active contribution for changes towards a more socially just, as well as sustainable economy.

The aspect of social justice is the main focus of the I SHOP FAIR network.

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