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SupplyChainge – Make Supermarkets Fair


Supermarkets across Europe have an enormous influence. Consumers shop in them. Farmers and suppliers sell to them. Workers and small farmers around the world depend on them for earning their living. Governments listen to them. Their dominance in market share and their two-fold role as both buyers and sellers of products give them a power that affects the lives of literally everyone. Consequently, for anyone concerned about poverty and global inequality, there’s no way around tackling the contentious issue of supermarkets. With accumulating market concentration, the dependency of producers on retailers is equally growing. While retail companies secure or grow their profits, conditions along the supply chains deteriorate: small scale producers are driven out of business, and in many countries of the Global South, exploitation and pollution are on the increase.

We are a group of civil society organizations from across Europe and the Global South. Our main objective is to make supermarket store brands (sometimes known as ‘own brands’ or ‘private labels’) fairer and more sustainable.

We also know that so far, supermarkets don’t do enough to counter these problems. Compared with their enormous influence, the efforts of supermarket chains to prevent human rights violations and to reduce the environmental damage along the supply chains of their products are often disappointing.

This is why we demand tangible action from supermarkets, national governments and the European Union to improve labor conditions in countries of the Global South and reduce environmental damage along the supply chain.

Find more information on the campaign's official homepage.

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