Workplace Safety in Bangladesh
Picture from Gordon Welters in Savar, Bangladesh.

Rana Plaza three years on

The struggle for justice and safety is not over

As the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse approaches, the Clean Clothes Campaign is releasing a comprehensive update on the efforts that have been taken by workers, governments, trade unions, activists and brands to demand improvements to the Bangladesh garment industry and to get justice for the families affected by this horrendous disaster.

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Bangladeshi factories remain unsafe

H&M suppliers fail on deadlines to address safety hazards

As Swedish fashion giant H&M prepares to announce a predicted increase in their profits for 2015, labour rights groups are calling on the company to do more to protect garment workers in Bangladesh, after a review of H&M’s strategic suppliers shows that severe delays in carrying out urgent and vital building repairs continue to leave tens of thousands of workers at risk of death and injury.

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WE WON!! Rana Plaza workers get compensation

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is delighted to announce a major campaign victory with the confirmation that the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund has finally met its target of $30 million, following a large anonymous donation.

The CCC has been campaigning since the disaster in April 2013 to demand that brands and retailers provided compensation to its victims. Since then over one million consumers from across Europe and around the world have joined actions against many of the major high street companies whose products were being made in one of the five factories housed in the structurally compromised building. These actions forced many brands to finally pay donations and by the second anniversary the Fund was still $2.4 million dollars short of its $30million target. A large donation received by the Fund in the last few days has now led to the Fund meeting its target.

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Unprecedented changes

Garment workers in Bangladesh fight back and win. The institute initiates turnaround in major apparel producers.

Workers from sweatshops in Bangladesh fought back. Now they are treated with respect according to the ley and are paid properly. Women workers now have their right to maternity leave and benefits.
The Bangladeshi garment workers, accompanied by the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, led the groundbreaking improvements at some of Bangladesh’s largest apparel producers, including Next Collections, That’s it Sportswear, the entire Ha-Meem Group with its 26 factories and over 50,000 workers, and the Windy Group with 10,000 workers.

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Joint Statement calling on brands to Pay Up!

With the first anniversary of Rana Plaza approaching leading labour rights groups and trade unions across the world have released this joint statement calling on brands to Pay Up!

We, the undersigned, welcome and support the Rana Plaza Arrangement, a  comprehensive and independent framework, consistent with international labour standards,  that will provide the much-needed support for loss of income and medical expenses to the victims, their families and dependents of the Rana Plaza building collapse. A joint approach is the only way to ensure all those who have already lost so much are compensated fully and in a predictable manner.

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