Fair fashion & working conditions in the clothing industry

Frau mit zwei Tüten beim Einkaufen
Photo: Will Baxter / Franz Pfluegl, Collage: Horst Müller

Fashionable clothes – what are the real costs?

Our clothes are mainly produced in “low-wage counties”, in which labor laws are massively neglected. Seamstresses slave away in overheated factories until they collapse. All this they do for wages which aren’t enough for a dignified life. Abuse is a daily issue and women who defend themselves are fired. We will publish ruthless and reckless trade practices. In addition, we will hold accountable those who are responsible, from A like Adidas or Aldi to Z like Zara. Moreover, we will make politicians do their work and fulfil their duties. Together with our partner organizations, we are realizing campaigns and join-in activities to promote dignified labor conditions; and we also give the seamstresses a voice. We show alternative ways of living and distribute educational materials on this topic.

Our work with the Clean Clothes Campaign

We are in close contact with the labor-rights movement in Central America. They carry out reliable research work for us and provide us with the foundation for our campaign and educational work. Together with the Clean Clothes Campaign, we give the public access to shocking stories and international movements as we are combining our strengths for fair wages within the textile industry.

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