The CIR is active in the following networks

Clean Clothes Campaign

Das Logo der Kampagne für Saubere Kleidung
Logo Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries. Since 1990, the CCC has been working to help to ensure that the fundamental rights of workers are respected. They educate and mobilize consumers, lobby companies and governments, and offer direct solidarity support to workers as they fight for their rights and demand better working conditions.


Logo CorA

The CorA Network for Corporate Accountability wants companies to be made accountable for the repercussions of their business operations. It is a coalition of 60 organizations from the areas of development, human rights, environmental and consumer protection as well as different unions. The CIR is one of the members and advocates for a law that binds companies to respect human rights within their supply chain.

European Fair Toys Coalition

Chinesische Arbeiter*innen arbeiten an einer Produktionslinie für Spielzeugg
Workers in a toy factory. Photo: China Labor Watch

Workers in factories in Shenzhen are forced to work excessive overtime to earn a wage that can secure their livelihood. The time pressure exerted by European brand producers makes the hazardous stress during production even worse.
Together with the European Fair Toys Coalition, we hold businesses and the government responsible. With the help of Solidar Suisse (Switzerland) and Action Aid (France), we demand the observance of human and labor rights in the global supply chain. We also inform the public about the deplorable conditions in Chinese factories.

Fairtrade Germany

Logo Fairtrade Germany

In 1991, the CIR was one of the ten founding members of the “AG Kleinbauernkaffee e.V.” (Work Group for Small Coffee Farmers). The goal was to promote fair trade for food retailing. In 1992, the association was renamed TransFair e.V. Today, there are more than 30 members such as “Brot für die Welt” (Bread for the World), the Consumer Advice Center, the German Trade Union Confederation Institute of Education and many others.

Fairtrade Muenster

Logo Fair Trade Muenster

In November 2011, Muenster received the “Fairtrade Town” award for being committed to fair trade. The CIR has been a member of the “Fairtrade Town Steering Committee” since 2010. In the committee, we work together with representatives from retail, gastronomy, universities, companies, associations, the church, One World Groups, the Advisory for Municipal Development Cooperation and the City Administration for Fair Trade.

Meine Landwirtschaft (My Agriculture)

Logo: Meine Landwirtschaft (My Agriculture)

Meine Landwirtschaft (My Agriculture) is a coalition of 50 organizations that are active in the areas of agriculture and beekeeping. They campaign for environmentalism, nature conservancy and animal rights. In addition, they want to bring about global access to healthy food, fair wages for farmers as well as fair prices for buyers, healthy animals for healthy food, variety instead of monocropping, climate protection and sustainable agriculture and innovation instead of risky and monopolized technology.

Netzwerk gerechter Welthandel (Network for Fair International Trade)

Logo Network for fair international trade
Logo Netzwerk Gerechter Welthandel (Network for Fair International Trade)

The Netzwerk Gerechter Welthandel (Network for Fair International Trade) was founded in April 2017 and was a merger of the TTIP unfairhandelbar (unfair and non-negotiable) and the Stop TTIP & CETA organizations – for a fair international trade. The network demands a new trade policy which is supposed to lead to better social and economic conditions within globalization. They see themselves as part of an international movement and stand together for a world in solidarity.

Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition

Ein Teddy mit Armschlinge ziert das Logo des Nürnberger Bündnisses Fair Toys (NBFT)
Logo of the Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition (NBFT)

The Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition has been active for 10 years. Together with its partner organizations from Germany, Europe and Asia, the Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition advocates for the consideration of human rights and labor standards within the toy industry. The Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition urges the toy manufacturers and businesses in Germany to take responsibility and to make sure that there are humane working conditions in toy factories. The Nuremberg Fair Toys Coalition informs people through countless public activities and tries to enter into constructive conversations with the toy industry. The coalition is supported by a broad alliance comprising society, politics, science and churches.


Logo des Vereins Pronats e.V.
Logo ProNATs

The Christliche Initiative Romero, Terres des Hommes and children’s rights expert Manfred Liebel founded ProNATs, which stands for “Pro los Niños y Adolecentes Trabajadores” (For working children and adolescents), in 1997. ProNATs sees itself as a partner of movements and organizations of working children and adolescents in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Together with them, ProNATs fights against any form of exploitation, discrimination and abuse without fighting child labour in general.

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