Climate Justice

From climate crisis to climate change

“Game On – Don’t let climate change end the game!” is a europe-wide campaign of a consortium of ten partners from eight Central and Eastern European countries to raise climate awareness.

Starting Point

Climate catastrophes can be observed all over the world. But often the regions of the world that contribute little to climate change are hitted most by its consequences. Our partner countries in Central America – Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras – are also affected. People are loosing their livelihoods and access to water and food what often leads to conflicts and human right violations.

Causers of climate change must take responsibility. Therefore the Romero Initiative (CIR) advocates that polluters take responsibility for the protection of the climate and ecosystems.

What the campaign does

Since 2020 the campaign “Game On – Don’t let climate change end the game!” activates the global youth and reacts to the existential threat climate change represents for the future of humankind. The global youth should be encouraged to shape the path to a socially just climate change.

Therefore, the campaign has started developing different products: Climate Game App (Android and Apple), Geocaching, Board Game and Theater Plays. These products should help to raise the awareness of climate change with the aim on finding solutions and mobilize people to make the changes our climate needs.

In addition to CIR from Germany, organizations from Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are part of the alliance, which is funded by the Development Education and Awareness Raising – DEAR-Programme – of the European Union.


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