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¡Basta ya! Enough! WomenVoices Against Violence – 2010 until 2012

Every year, thousands of women in Central America die because of male violence. Not only is the number of murdered women rising but violence against women in general is increasing as well.

This is reason enough to increase the support for local women’s organizations in their fight against violence. Margot Käßmann, former chairwoman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, is also concerned about the developments in Central America and calls upon everyone to support the “WomenVoices Against Violence” campaign of the Christliche Initiative Romero.

“Every year, two million women are murdered globally – because they are women. Central America is one of the regions of extreme violence against women. Crimes are often not punished and the culprits remain at large. We must raise our voices against this injustice! Now!”

With your help, we want to give women in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua a voice so that they can end this injustice that they have to suffer. The women are organized in networks to sensitize the people around them to the topic of violence, and make radio programmes to denounce the violence. They work tirelessly to raise awareness and make sure that affected women receive help and counselling. “Thanks to counselling, I learned a lot about myself: to respect and to love myself, and to say that I am worth as much as he is”, says Ana Maritza Morales who had been mistreated by her husband and got help from our partner organization Moviemiento de Mujeres ‘María Elena Cuadra’ (MEC). Today, she passes on her experiences to young women.

The partner organizations also give legal advice so that mistreated women can take the culprits to court. Furthermore, they give a voice to women on the political level through lobbying and they formulate legislative initiatives.

Give the women in Central America a voice, together with Margot Käßmann and the Christliche Initiative Romero! Support our “WomenVoices Against Violence” campaign!

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