Campaign for Fair Toys

The European Fair Toys Coalition holds businesses and importers responsible.
Together with our partner organizations, we work for the enforcement of human and labor rights in the global supply chain.

Tips to consider when buying toys

  • The main reason for excessive hours in the toy industry is Christmas shopping. For Christmas, you should buy small presents from fair trade stores and…
  • …you should only buy bigger presents for birthdays – that’s how you can help to prevent workers from having to work excessive hours.
  • You should not order products on the Internet (e.g. Taobao) from the manufacturer. Products from Taobao villages in China are normally not in compliance with labor rights nor do they consider the safety of or pollutants contained in the toys.

  • While you are shopping, you can ask store assistants about the labor conditions during the production of the products. This will create added pressure on the business and the manufacturer.
  • Buy products that will last a long time. This way you can save resources and many generations of children can use the toy.
  • Buying and selling used toys helps the environment and lets you save money.
  • As an alternative to big chain companies, small fair trade businesses offer an assortment of fair trade toys.

Toy Report


The Toy Report 2017 made disastrous social injustice in Chinese toy factories public. Excessive overtime in poorly aired factories, marginal wages and inhumane accommodation make the lives of workers unbearable. Furthermore, there are healthcode violations as toxic substances are handled without any protection gear. Every factory that was examined had been certified by the ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) Care Foundation audit system, which was recently renamed ICTI Ethical Toy Program. But a different name cannot hide the fact that auditing systems do not help to improve the precarious situation of workers in the industry.
Download here:
Toys Report 2020 – Workers in Misery

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