Stop mad mining

Stop Mad Mining!

With our EU funded campaign “Stop Mad Mining” we aim at creating the link between (over-) consumption of raw materials in Europe on the one hand, and poverty, human right violations, and environmental destruction in resource rich developing countries on the other hand.
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Clean Clothes Campaign

The Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) is dedicated to improving working conditions and supporting the empowerment of workers in the global garment and sportswear industries.
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Good labour conditions as a mission

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an international verification initiative dedicated to enhancing workers’ lives all over the world. The foundation works closely with a growing number of companies that produce clothing and other sewn products and that take responsibility for their supply chain.
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Supply Cha!nge

Payment and working conditions on plantations and in the factories of the Global South are too often unacceptable! We urge European supermarkets to address working conditions in their supply chains. European supermarkets need to assume responsibility for the working conditions along their supply chains.
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Rana Plaza three years on

As the third anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse approaches, the CCC is releasing a comprehensive update on the efforts that have been taken to demand improvements to the Bangladesh garment industry and to get justice for the families affected by this horrendous disaster.
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"Do we buy it?"

The new report from our partner Labour behind the Label, ‘Do We Buy It?’, looks into the stories behind two leading high-street brands who have made claims to be ensuring a fair living wage is possible for workers who make their clothes.
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