Call for tenders for a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) consultancy

Reboot the Food System: EC DEAR Project 2024 – 2027 

For our EC DEAR project „Reboot the Food System“ we are seeking MEAL consultant(s) to conduct a baseline study and evaluations to assess the project’s performance according to EU criteria and assist with the EC DEAR project’s monitoring framework and system.

The project aims at increasing the commitment of EU youths to the European values of human rights and solidarity as well as to tackling the global challenges of migration, climate change and a sustainable food system. The purpose of the consultancy is to provide the project with relevant information about the initial situation, advise the implementation of the MEAL system for the project, provide indicator monitoring and carry out the final evaluation to assess the project’s performance; all of this according to EU criteria.

The inviting and awarding organisation is „Christian Initiative Romero e.V. (CIR)“. The deadline for receipt of applications is May 26th. The type of award is an open procedure. The tenders must be submitted to: ReBoot_Application@ci-romero.de

All applicants that fulfill the tender criteria are cordially invited to apply. Please check the exact Terms of References (ToR) for the contract here:

Call for proposals MEAL
Annex 2: Declaration of nationality
Annex 3: Code of conduct
Annex 4: Statement of Reliability
Contract Reboot MEAL

We are looking forward to your applications! For further information please contact Lisa Kirtz, kirtz@ci-romero.de

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Q & A

Questions regarding MEAL consultancy

There is no sufficiently encompassing system used so far. We would like to use the beginning of this new project to introduce a new system. With partners from the Global South, we have been using Kobo.

A fee-based digital MEAL system is an option. We would prefer a single purchase solution to avoid continuous fees. So far there is no special internal system in place to house an autonomous system.

No share of this budget has to be used for the digital system. Those are additional costs in an extra budget line. However, please indicate an estimate of the extra budget requirements for the optional aspect of the digital MEAL system.

No, there has not been such an assessment. As changes in the staff may occur, an easy-to-use system is preferable.

Yes. Only the final evaluation can be finished latest one month after the finalisation of the project.

Yes, the vast majority of work is done remotely. Travel is required for an estimated 3-4 meetings throughout the project duration within Europe lasting two days each. Food and accommodation will be covered, only average costs for the journey need to be included in your financial offer.
There is no back-up budget available. In general, we suggest you indicate and budget work packages individually.

The project will be implemented in and by NGOs in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia.

The complete logframe cannot be published, but the number of indicators: It encompasses 3 impact indicators, 7 outcome indicators and 11 output indicators.

We have no specific number of working days foreseen as this depends on your concept and methodologies. We suggest planning realistically what is feasible with the available budget and split it into individual work packages with individual description and budget. This way we can get a good overview of your offer and the resources it requires.

There is no specific template. As for the content and page requirements, please check section 7, especially A and B of the call for proposals.

Do you mean the workplace? In this case: The vast majority of work is done remotely.

Travel is required for an estimated 3-4 meetings throughout the project duration within Europe lasting two days each.

Interactions are envisaged in Englisch. No other language requirements are needed.

Unfortunately, the project implementation plan is so tight that no extension can be granted. We encourage you to apply with whatever you have been able to elaborate on by the deadline.

The global food system has to be changed. We can no longer support that globalized food production and its consumption is harming the people and the planet. The EU has already taken an important step with the launch of the Farm to Fork Strategy. But with little participation and support from those who benefit most from a green and just transition – young EU citizens – changes will happen too slowly. Therefore, a strategically chosen consortium of 14 environmental, human rights and youth organizations in 9 member states with vast inhouse experience will launch the action “Rebooting the Food System” to raise awareness and mobilise EU youth to become agents of change themselves. Together they can become a part of sustainable and inclusive solutions for a globally just food system. Innovative campaigning, valuable capacity building and knowledge sharing will encourage and empower youth to advocate for the implementation of agroecology and due diligence in food supply chains. To achieve policy and structural changes urban and rural youth will ally with agroecological farmers and activists from EU and the Global South. The time to reboot the food system is now!

We only need the “Declaration of Nationality – Annex 2”. No other document is needed now for this purpose.

Foto: CIR/Miriam Instenberg

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